Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Dunnit? Muesli Bars and Their Accomplices

What do you snack on? 11am might come around and you find yourself feeling a bit peckish. Or maybe you're more of an afternoon snacker, say 3ish? Or I also know people who's snack time tends to be late into the night, say 10-11 (by which time I'm usually asleep, although probably dreaming about food).

These snack times can be a real killer for people trying to lose weight, especially because of certain marketing ploys that make you think some things are healthy when they're really not so good.

One of these supposedly healthy products is the muesli bar. A lot of muesli bars have great ingredients in that they're wholesome and nutritious, but can contain more calories than you would think.

Just say for afternoon tea you ate a Be Natural Apricot and Almond bar and a bottle of Nestle Lemon Iced Tea.

You wouldn't say that's a very unhealthy snack, right? Well those two items combined brings a total of 374 calories, or 1,564 kilojoules. You could have a whole can of traditional Heinz Baked Beans for that, with a calories to spare.

For healthy snacks, you can't go past fresh fruit or veggies, teamed with a herbal or green tea. I often go for small amounts of dried fruits and nuts as well, but that's easy for me because they are always at work and I can buy them whenever I want.

I just wanted to show how marketing can be a bit deceiving and you really need to be knowledgeable about what you're eating if you have a specific goal.

Have a great weekend!

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