Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Month Veganversary

Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary with not eating meat, eggs, dairy, gelatine or honey. I've been asked if I've missed it, especially cheese. The answer is no, not really. Of course I know that cheese is tasty, but at the moment, the pro's of being a vegan are outweighing the cons.

My very personalised list of pro's:
- Really enjoying cooking and experimenting with foods I wouldn't have tried before, and surprising people by cooking them great tasting vegan meals.
-Needing about an hour less sleep than pre-vegan me. This was something I noticed independently and then read about it on the net, apparently it's quite common.
- Being able to help customers a whole lot more than before. There's been quite a few instances in the last month where me being vegan and the knowledge of healthy cooking that comes with that has really helped me when talking with customers.
- I have a general peaceful feeling when it comes to 'doing my bit' for the environment and animal cruelty.
- Becoming vegan has inspired me so much to set up my own backyard fruit and veggie garden (already on the way) and really think about where my food comes from and who I'm supporting when I buy foods from giant supermarkets, smaller gourmet stores or stalls in the markets.
- I have a lot of energy. It wasn't like I was 'slumping' before I became vegan so it is hard to say whether that's what has caused it, but I've been feeling really good lately.

Cons of being vegan:
-The main thing I struggle with has been being difficult for other people when I am at their house, eating their food.

And that's about it! Now I've just realised I really have to get ready for work... oops!
Have a great day!

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