Monday, August 1, 2011

CX30 and Pie Cookie

Over the weekend I tried this novel idea for a recipe - a pie cookie! And from such a great blog too. Let me tell you, it was delicious. Or should I say 'they' were delicious, because I may have made more than one in the space of 3 days. In fact, I made 3! One every day for 3 days. Oh dear. I made it first on Friday night and Josh and I loved it (I'll just add here that I halved the recipe), and on Saturday Josh asked me to make another one. This is how the conversation went:

Josh: 'Can you make me another pie cookie?'
Me: 'No because I'll just end up eating it!'
Josh: 'Just don't make it vegan friendly, make it with white chocolate.'

And because I'm so nice, I gave in. Then I went to a friends house for a catch up on Sunday night and decided to take another one with me, seeing as I was on a roll (or a cookie... hehe).


Also this morning I tried the new Les Mills CX30 group fitness class. It's a 30 minute, intense strength class. It uses resistance bands for one of the tracks as well, which is a bit of a change. It's a really good work out but I struggled with the vertical and side planks, they just don't work well for me yet. I'd definitely do it again - good to get out of the comfort zone!

That's all for now!


02.08.2011 UPDATE: My abs are sooooo sore!

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