Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Do What You Want, As Long As It's Real.

Hello everybody!
Today's title is taken from a Lily Allen song 'Take What You Take'. I thought it was appropriate, because this is a post confessing
I'm not vegan anymore!

Am I happy about this? Not necessarily.
Have I gone out and stuffed myself full of cheese and milkshakes since? Nope. Although I have had some of both.

I figure, like the oh-so-wise Lily, just do what you want, as long as it's real. As long as it's what I want to do and I'm not eating something just because I feel pressured into it. I can still eat vegan if I want to, but I can eat non-vegan as well. I don't really want to eat meat, so I won't. But if the mood takes me, I might have some free range Tasmanian meats. We'll see where the mood takes me.

What I DO care about is my poor little I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can thyroid, who needs some help. I ate too many foods bad for the thyroid during my veganism (mainly soy and veggies from the brassica family) and it's taken it's toll.

I've been thinking about starting a food diary again. I find it really interesting/inspiring to write down everything I eat, and I like to look over it semi-objectively and see what looks healthy and what doesn't. I haven't done it for a while, in fact the last entry I seem to be able to find is from 29th of May 2011. Wanna see the entry?

Breakfast: Organic weetbix with chia seeds and rapadura sugar and a little bit of fat free organic milk. Milo
Lunch: A small serve of lasagne with a lot of green salad and a bowl of trifle
Dinner: Potato, spinach and pea curry.
Snacks: Some home made 'healthy' chocolate, 2 cups of tea (one black), 2 bird biscuits
Copy and pasted straight up. I'd rate that a B minus. Lasagne AND trifle? What a pig. Bonus points for dinner though. I'll just classify now that 'bird biscuits' are what I call bikkies like Arnotts Milk or Arrowroot, because they get fed to the birds as well!

If you haven't ever kept a food diary before, give it a try for a couple of weeks! You might be surprised what you see when it's all laid bare.

Take care amigos.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sports and Spontaneity

Is it bad I just had to check how to spell spontaneity? I had no idea. Moving on...

At 7.30, I decided to go for an easy walk/jog, around 3-4km. Josh surprised me by wanting to go with me, which was totally unexpected. We got up to the Signal Station, then found a bush track and decided to see where it came out. About 30 minutes of solid jogging later, we came out at the top of Sandy Bay. And unfortunately, what goes down must come up. That's how it goes, right? But we couldn't go back the way we came, because it was already pretty dark, and with no torch it'd be not so wise to go via the bush. So we had to go up THE stairs. The 256 gruelling, horrible stairs, in the pouring, dark rain. It was pretty special. Actually it was really refreshing, and such good exercise. If I do those stairs at least twice a week from now until the wedding I'm gonna end up with a butt like Pippa Middleton.

We got back a while ago and I took some sodium phosphate so I'm not so sore tomorrow, it helps remove the lactic acid. It's fantastic, I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to exercise seriously.

Moral: Go with the flow. It can lead to some pretty special moments.