Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Drugs Don't Work?

"I've tried EVERYTHING".

I hear this a lot. Usually after someone has finished telling me about an issue that's been going on for months or even years. And then they spiel off everything they've tried (which is quite a substantial list most of the time). I don't blame them for feeling like they've tried everything there is, or for feeling like they're going to be stuck with the problem for the rest of their lives.

No one has ever tried EVERYTHING.

People have said this to me about things such as constant nausea, skin conditions, arthritis, sleeping, diarrhoea, migraines... The list goes on, but there is a common theme. These are all people who have gone to see their doctor, usually gone to see some sort of specialist, had any relevant blood tests, and they're at the end of the line.

Then, these people, who often aren't the 'type of person' to delve into natural therapies, find themselves coming to someone like me.

And this is my favourite type of client.

These people make great clients on so many levels.
1. They are desperate. I won't dress it up. This desperation leads to them doing as I tell them. By this I mean, if I say take 2 tablets twice a day, they take 2 tablets twice a day. They don't forget half the time. They don't think to themselves, 'ah, one will be enough'. And they get better results from following the directions.

2. When they get the better results, everyone is happy. They're like 'wow I can actually lead a normal life again' and I'm like, 'wow I can help someone who couldn't be helped by all the other practitioners they went to see'.

I like to try to fix the unfixable.
Mostly, I succeed. Sometimes I don't. You live, you learn, you build upon information and you rise above and try better the next time around.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Invitation.

Health. Exercise. Eating well. Happiness. Energy.

The more you live it, the more you want to scream it from the highest point, want to help transform others into, as some people put it, the best version of themselves.

But I have never believed in forcing my opinions onto others, nor have I wanted others to force their opinions onto me.

Being a naturopath, you encounter a lot of brick walls, stigmas, pre-conceived notions of witchcraft, scepticism, and so forth. Which is okay, because I think that all natural health practitioners are aware of that before they follow down this particular career path, and choose to deal with it accordingly.

So this is not me forcing my beliefs onto you as the reader, this is me opening up the doors, letting you see into the workings, and, like all things, perhaps with a little more information, comes a little more understanding.