Friday, May 20, 2011


I am writing this blog in the last 1.5 hours of being a participant of Live Below the Line and living off $2 of food for 5 days. My diet has consisted of plain oats with water for breakfast, rice with sweet potato and a small apple for lunch, barley, lentils and split peas for dinner and 2 green teas a day. Surprisingly (for me) I haven't been hungry, but I have been craving so much junk food, not because I need it, but because... well... I'm actually not sure why, but I think it's because once you take something away from someone, even if they didn't really need it in the first place, it makes them want it more.

The food I've been eating has tasted really bland, and I find myself eating not for enjoyment but for satiety. That made me think how much I really centre my life around food (to which anyone who knows me well can attest) and eating for pleasure, so to speak.

I can't say that I've enjoyed the last 5 days, but I will say that it has taught me a lesson that I'm going to try to keep with me.

When eating meals alone, try to keep it simple, nutritious and well proportioned. Eat for the vitamins, minerals and energy. Save the extravagant meals for when you're dining out or having friends over for a meal.

Know when you are hungry and when you're eating just for the sake of it.

At 7pm, I will be allowed to again eat whatever I want, but instead of having a big feast (which I am tempted to do, trust me), I'm going to break my diet with a simple cup of tea and a biscuit. And then dinner. But I will be trying not to undo the focus that I've been able to have for the last 5 days.


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  1. Update: Bang on 7pm I did have a cuppa tea and a biscuit, but it may have been followed by a monstrous serve of burritos in the end... what can I say? I'm working on the self control :)