Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I spend a bit of time browsing the internet, my usual search tags being natural health, fitness, vegan, exercise, just to see what comes up.
Recently I found a great vegan blog on which I found a recipe for home made 'healthy' chocolate chips. The only ingredients were cocoa powder, carob powder, agave nectar, coconut oil and vanilla essence. I thought, I have everything in the cupboard! So I pretty much went straight to the kitchen to give it a go.
Instead of using carob I used organic raw cacao powder which is naturally sweeter than carob or normal cocoa powder (my agave and coconut oil happened to be organic too). Basically you mix all the ingredients together and then flatten it out and freeze it. Then you can cut the chocolate up into whatever size bits you want.
Let me tell you, it was fantastic. Even Josh was devouring it! And you don't need to feel as guilty as if you were eating a chocolate bar. If you have it in moderation you don't need to feel guilty at all! It was so easy as well.
I plan on making another batch and having a taste tester at work next Tuesday (our big discount day so it gets really busy).
If you want the recipe go here.
This is an unprofessional, unquality photo of how mine looked - you can still see the deliciousness though!

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  1. This is pretty interesting... might have to try it...