Monday, May 23, 2011

I Can Smell Like Daisies If I Want To.

I was browsing the internet recently and found an interesting article on chemicals used in perfumes, which I found intriguing because it's something I don't normally think about, even though I use other natural hair and skincare. I don't wear perfume everyday (more like once a week). but when I do I spray without thinking.
Maybe it's because perfumes don't list their ingredients so it's 'out of sight out of mind'. Maybe it's because you very rarely see perfumes labelled 'natural ingredients', so there isn't an obvious choice between the two.

Bur honestly, what ISN'T bad for you?? I feel like if we did absolutely everything 'right' our quality of life, whilst we'd be healthy and chemical free, would be impaired. Obviously we can't all live in grass huts and survive off whatever is growing or moving in the back yard.

So then you reach a point, where it gets to All the fun things in life vs being healthy and setting yourself up for reaching old age without having cancer or dementia or auto-immune diseases or anything else unsightly.

By now you might be thinking, holy moley it's only perfume!

But for me it's all about compromising. Where I can make something better in my life and not feel like I'm missing out, I will. Like using natural cleaning products. But when something I like has bad aspects (like perfume or nail polish, all the fun girly things), I figure that I've changed other things in my life enough that they can compensate for the bright red fingernails.


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