Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not a Good Long Weekend

Because we had a public holiday on Thursday, I did what probably 60% of Australians did this week, and took the Friday off (that's a really rough guesstimate, by the way). The weather's been beautiful, I had several things planned, but I didn't plan to be stricken down with gastro on the Friday evening, which has left me incapacitated for the rest of the weekend. To make matters worse, the fiance got it within a few hours of me getting it! So our household hasn't been a fun one.

Not that I wrote this post for sympathy, rather, I thought I'd turn it around and write a bit about how I would treat gastro, because mainly, we all just ride it out, not wanting to risk a car ride to a doctor when we know it won't last too long anyway.
Had I have had these in my cupboard, this is probably what I would have used on myself:

Slippery Elm Bark Powder - I've used this to pretty good effect at settling down a tummy bug, but the disadvantage is it doesn't taste fantastic, so it can be hard to get down.

Saccharomyces Boulardii - Available in capsule form, these contain a strain of yeast which is beneficial to restoring the 'good bacteria' in the gut, and helps effectively in treating stomach upsets.

There's loads of other treatments but those two would probably be what I'd pick.

As it was, I didn't really have anything in my cupboard that I thought I could use, and on the Saturday morning my mother-in-law gave us some Hydralyte, to replenish our fluids, but they tasted too sweet and fake that I couldn't finish mine. So I've just been drinking mass amounts of water and lying on the couch watching movies.

I'll be right as rain just in time to go back to work. Fantastic.

Take care (and don't get this bug that's going around!)

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