Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Alive, Honestly.

I'm back. Really I am. I'm sorry for not writing anything for over 4 months now... I don't really have an excuse. Life got in the way? Anyway, forgive me, and I aim to not disappoint any time soon.
So what's news? Here's some ideas I've picked up since we last talked:

1. EVERYONE in southern Tassie reads the Body and Soul section of the Mercury, or at least that's what it seems like when I get people coming in for anything and everything that is written in it (even when it's wrong, like 2 weeks ago they advertised a product that wasn't in production anymore). Although I do agree with most of it.

2. As above, a big fat I told you so re all the things I blogged about last year, like kefir - now everybody wants a piece of the tasty probiotic drink - and quinoa, selling like hot cakes, for real. The next big thing will be kombucha, I'd say.

3. Still loving the smoothies, but I'm making them with water now rather than any type of milk - less calories (and less tasty, but no biggie).

4. Ironically, America seems to be leading the 'health food craze' and Australia is seeming to follow their lead. More people are after hemp seed products which are widely used in America for it's fatty acids and protein, whilst Australian legislation still prohibits it to be sold as anything to be ingested by humans. Aussies are just tending to eat the hemp meal anyway, even if the packaging says 'not intended for human consumption in Australia'. I should point out here that there is no cannabis-related effects from hemp seed products either.

5. Outdoor exercising!! It's summer, it's perfect, it is time to go for a run, join a bootcamp, go on a hike, just get yourself outside instead of cramming into a window-less gym, you can save that for winter!

Just a shout out to get you geared up for the Natural Health and Wellbeing Expo on at the City Hall on February 19th - be there! I will be giving a seminar, it's a work in progress but hopefully I'll be able to entertain people for 30 minutes... I'm slightly scared but looking forward to it!

I'll talk soon, I promise.


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