Friday, July 22, 2011

Multi Purpose Almond Mush

Hello! It's the start of another weekend, although I'm up early to go to work on a Saturday, fun!
I'm off to an 80's themed party tonight, but good ol' organised me thought that ordering my Flashdance costume over the net 10 working days in advance would be enough - apparently not! So I'm gradually piecing together a plan B.

Remember when I was talking about the leftover almond pulp when making almond milk? And how I said it was too good to throw away? Well this is what I did with mine:

It went from being innocent, healthy almond mush ...

To the icing on a decadent chocolate cake!

A total turn around! I had the idea because I was making this vegan cake and was wondering what I could use for icing if I didn't want to use margarine. Obviously there's some better choices out there (like coconut oil) but I had to use the almond pulp for something. I added copious amounts of raw cacao powder and icing sugar and a bit of vanilla essence.
Josh gave the cake 2 thumbs up but the icing (his words) a 'slight thumbs down'. It tasted good but the texture isn't what we're used to. I think it tastes heaps better the next day (ie this morning... cake for breakfast anyone?) I got the recipe from here and it comes highly recommended. I did substitute the vegan mayonnaise (too lazy to make, to frugal to buy) for avocado. Worked a treat!

Have a good weekend!

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