Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Made Almond Milk

Me: "I'm making home made almond milk"
Friend: "How do you milk an almond?"
Well I'll tell you how!

Step #1: Soak 250g of raw almonds in about 850mls cold water for 24 hours.

Step #2: Put everything in a blender (water included) and blend until you can blend no more.

Step #3: Put it all through a sieve. Mine was quite thick because of the cheap and nastiness of my blender, but you can use the pulp for other things - too good to throw out!

Step #4: Drink and enjoy! Or use in your oats, like I just did and it was great!!

The picture above doesn't really do justice to the creaminess of the almond milk, it had a real frothiness about it after blending it for so long. Actually none of the pictures do it justice because they are all taken with a phone.

Notes: I added a smidge of maple syrup and vanilla essence to take a little of the almond bitterness off. Commercial almond milk has rice syrup and also a bit of oil added to it (not sure why).

Why you would want almond milk over dairy:
- You have a dairy intolerance or allergy
- You're on an alkalysing diet: dairy milk has a higher pH than almond
- Vegan
- You have a cold: dairy (as a food group generally) is mucous forming, so avoiding dairy can be beneficial during times when you already have enough snot and mucous floating around.

Why you wouldn't want almond milk over dairy:
- You're only a child
- You're on a tight budget (these almonds cost me $3.25 with a discount and it didn't make heaps)
- You have milking cows in your back yard (??)

Anyway I'm off to get ready for another day at work (as my co-worker would say, another day, another million dollars - Ha!)


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