Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot Quinoa Breakfast

Good Morning!
Wow, 3 blogs in quick succession - I must be getting bored!! No, I just wanted to tell you about my breakfast this morning, as I'm sure you all need to know.

I've talked about quinoa before and how healthy, yummy and versatile it is. Previously I'd only ever cooked it savoury (quinoa and roast vegetable salad, quinoa with chicken and fetta...), but it's been coming up for a while now that I should try it as a sweet dish (I have lots of customers ask me about it).

If you read as many health food blogs as I do you'd know that there probably isn't a single health food blogger out there who hasn't written about a quinoa breakfast. What makes mine so special? Because I made it, of course!

This is how I made it:
-Boil the quinoa at a ratio of 1 part quinoa 3 parts water and wait until it has absorbed the water (stir frequently).
-In that water add a generous dollop of mixed spice, nutmeg, some cardamom pods and rapadura sugar.
-Once it has absorbed everything, add about 3/4 cup of milk (I used almond) and as many sultanas as you like and a sprinkling of coconut and again wait until it has all been absorbed.
-To serve, I put in a bowl with more sprinkled sultanas and a little bit of light cream (gasp).

It made the house smell so nice! And was delicious. Just one note, the texture is quite unique and I can tell some of the more fussy eaters wouldn't like it just because of that. I will definitely make again, but I might try soaking the quinoa overnight to see if it speeds up cooking time because at the moment it could only be a weekend breakfast (it took me about 25-30 minutes all up).

Also did anyone notice the addition of Ayurvedic spices? Cardamom is supposed to be really good for digestion and some respiratory conditions (amongst other benefits).

Have a great weekend!


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