Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homemade Kefir Part Deux

After 48 hours of fermenting (I gave it an extra 12 hours for good luck), and 12 hours overnight in the fridge, this morning I poured myself a fresh glass of almond kefir.

It's great! I wasn't sure what to expect. It still tastes like almond milk but with a sort of yoghurty twist. It's also thickened slightly but not much. Josh had a taste and really didn't like it (so much so that he rinsed his mouth out afterwards), but he hadn't even tried straight almond milk before.
My yield - a litre of sweet almond kefir.

Teamed with spirulina, chia and coconut organic rolled oats (with a crushed Coles organic Weetbic) that were soaked overnight (also in almond milk) and a splash of maple syrup, I feel super healthy for breakfast!

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