Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Invitation.

Health. Exercise. Eating well. Happiness. Energy.

The more you live it, the more you want to scream it from the highest point, want to help transform others into, as some people put it, the best version of themselves.

But I have never believed in forcing my opinions onto others, nor have I wanted others to force their opinions onto me.

Being a naturopath, you encounter a lot of brick walls, stigmas, pre-conceived notions of witchcraft, scepticism, and so forth. Which is okay, because I think that all natural health practitioners are aware of that before they follow down this particular career path, and choose to deal with it accordingly.

So this is not me forcing my beliefs onto you as the reader, this is me opening up the doors, letting you see into the workings, and, like all things, perhaps with a little more information, comes a little more understanding.


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